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The Story of Shama Chilli Sauce
About 20 years ago I stood in my kitchen and tried to make a nice chilli sauce. Little did I know that Abba was actually giving me the recipe and that He had a big plan ahead, because everyone loved the chilli sauce.
In 2011 my son asked me to resign my job and make the chilli sauce full-time. As usual I sat at Abba’s feet about my son’s suggestion and Abba’s words were: “My child, the time is not right yet.” We were disappointed but we obeyed. I thought then that I will do it full-time one day when I’m retired. Meanwhile, I became so dependent on my salary that it became my security and I did not even consider making the chilli sauce anymore.

In Jan 2018 Abba woke me up one night and instructed me to study Hebrews 11, which is all about faith. I studied it, but couldn’t understand why?
A week later I spoke to someone and the person said to me: “just resign your job and just make your chilli sauce, it’s so nice” and I thought to myself “oh whatever” and clearly I heard Holy Spirit say to me: “Listen, I am talking to you”! Sjoh! 
The next morning 03:00 Abba woke me up and said He wanted me to spend time with Him. I sat at His feet and asked what is on His heart. He said, “Resign your job, start making your chilli sauce, it is time, and time is running out”. I kept quiet and went back to sleep, I struggled to receive it, because my job was my security...
The next morning I received a WhatsApp from my son saying he had an awesome dream.
My son’s Dream:

"We introduced the chilli sauce to someone new and when I opened the bottle, the sauce poured out with immense pressure! I could not stop it or close the bottle – it was very strong. In my quiet time with the Lord this morning I remembered about the dream and before I could ask Him the interpretation He said “I am a God of abundance” and He gave me Mal 3:10-12 “and try Me now in this that I will not open up the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to contain it!”
I believe He says it is for you Mom, and He shows me that you are scared because it is a big step to take. Close your eyes, trust the Lord and just jump!"

The next morning at His feet I asked: “Lord what is on your heart for me for today?” He said “Resign your job”. The next evening I went to our small group and asked for advice and prayer. While we were praying about the matter the Lord said to me: “I will lead you out of Egypt, I will open the sea before you and when you cross over into the desert and take my hand in obedience, I will take you into the Promised Land” Sjoh! We prayed in unity that the Lord’s will be done and that He will lead me to do His will.


The following evening my husband and I went out to dinner for his birthday. Several people phoned him to say happy birthday, but every person also mentioned to him that they wanted more of my chilli sauce. Then my husband said to me, very emotionally that he thinks it is time for me to resign and make the chilli sauce full-time.
That night I couldn’t sleep and asked Abba if He wanted to say something to me. Again he said: “Resign tomorrow”. On Friday I went to work knowing I had to obey because to love Him is to obey Him. But still, my flesh was too strong and I could not resign, because I trusted in my salary! That night I could not sleep, guilt kept me awake because of my disobedience! I asked Abba if I couldn’t just delay my resignation with a month because I need the income. He replied with Luk 9:59-62. He reminded me of how he provided the funds for my son’s studies. He said, “I will supply!" 
Saturday morning I was in tears before Abba “please Abba just give me ONE more confirmation then I will obey”. In my searching for Him, I watched a DVD and the person said: “The Lord will lead you out of Egypt, He will open the sea before you and when you cross over into the desert and take His hand in obedience, He will take you into the Promised Land”. Sjoh! 
Now there was no return. I went to share with friends what just happened. In our conversation, they mentioned something about a friend who blessed them with pickled chillies and they blessed him with a Shama book. At that moment I saw a vision of the Shama book and the chillies together and I heard Holy Spirit say: “Shama is the name of your chilli sauce because that is your testimony!” (Hear and Obey)
I have heard His command “Resign your job, start with your chilli sauce, it is time and time is running out” I had to hear and obey! Which I did!

I had to start looking for a label because then I knew this is big! The message of “Shama” has to go out to the nations. We went to see someone whom the Lord showed me to help with the design of the label. We shared ideas around a vision Abba gave me. Then the Lord gave her Word which confirmed everything He gave in the vision and around our ideas – Rev 22:2 “In the middle of its street, on either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”. 
I just stand in awe my King about your greatness!!! I declare that You are my security and that You will determine and provide my income!

I would like to share the vision and message that Abba wants to share with the nations through the label of “Shama Chilli Sauce”.


Word of Thanks!

Abba, I stand in awe of the privilege that You have chosen me to accomplish this task. How will I ever be able to thank You enough?

Abba, Out of my heart; "Thank you"! Thank you that You have prepared me, lead me, carried me, strengthened me, and protected me in difficult times. Thank you that You have taught me to lay myself down so that Your message can go out to the nations. 

I want to say just like Joshua: "Me and my house... we will serve the Lord!" 

I also want to thank my husband and my children. I would not have been able to do all of this without your motivation, support, all your help with everything, advice, and prayers. I love you guys! 

Thank you to all my friends and my prayer group for all your prayers and support. Anita thanks for the translation. Andia, thank you for your obedience and the part you played. You guys are awesome! 



We are so excited to respond to family and friends who wish to have an unlimited supply of this well-known sought out chilli sauce.

Our chilli sauce has been part of the family for more than 20 years. It has been perfected again and again, and the jokes of starting a chilli sauce business are no longer funny.

Throughout our journey of meeting new people we haven't met a single one who didn't absolutely fall in love with our sauce, we believe you will as well.

We hope to increase our family and friends through the delicious and hot flavours of our favourite sauce.

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Shama Chilli Sauce

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I want to declare Yeshua's blessing over each and everyone that supports Shama Chilli Sauce, may you truly be blessed! May you receive the revelation of His message and may you be able to go into His rest and may you experience His peace in a deeper relationship with our Abba Father! 

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